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Royal Facial Care:


Le mukabyanga-Padabhyanga ( Royal Facial care) is an aesthetic facial treatment which involves

the massage of feet, hand and tummy.

"Awakens the inner beauty so that it will spread brightly to the extrior"

"Iris" Facial treatment:

Treatment specifically for sensitive skin.

To treat skin irritations, red blotches and broken veins.

(Followed by a home treatment of 7 days serum and cream)


"Marma" Points: energetic centres massage


Recommended for:


Problems in circulation and digestion, stress, insomnia, migraine, hyperactivity, general tensions, rhumatism, arthritis, infertility.

This warm oil massage helps:

To detoxify the body, leading to deep relaxation and well balanced nervous system.







Mahabhyanga: the great Ayurveda Massage

Recommended for:

Problems: "Vata", stress, allergy, anemia, weak immune system, rhumatism, pains, lack of energy, post-operation and post-natal problems, insomnia.

This warm oil massage results in relaxation, stimulate flow of energy, lymph, blood circulation and metabolism, tissues regeneration and helps to eliminate body toxins. This massage will reinforce the body and the immune system.



Himalaya: Specific back care

Recommended for:

Ideal treatment to fight back pain resulting from poor postures (the daily work on computer,

increasing heavy labour etc, resulting in distorted back), scuatic nerve, scoliosis, lack of exercise, or psycho-emotional factors like stress, fear, worries and constipation.

This massage helps:

To liberate tensions in the back and the nape of the neck, to improve flexibility and to correct the posture.

The spinal column is the central axis of the human being where we also find the roots of all our "chakras".

By activating up theses energetic centres, the Himalaya treatment creates instantly an impression of well-being, of liberation, of vigour and self confidence.

Garshan: slimming massage

this care is advisable for:

Problems in weight, cellulite, body detoxification (after treatment of medication), for "Kapha" people.

This massage allows metabolic activation (better circulation and digestion...) and improves the elimination of toxins.

This massage done with raw silf gloves, is followed by kneading of fango (mix of seaweeds at essential oils) and a wrap.

This combination results in metabolic activation and improves in the elimination of toxins.

The benefits of warm oil massages:

The oil massage are prescribed and carried out since ancient times in all civilisations.

Hippocrates, Galien and other doctors at the time, had recognized that oil massage influenced positively the process against diseases.

The warm oil massage is a natural and effective method to relax, stimulate energy flow, the lymph, blood circulation and metabolism, feed and regenerate the dhatus( vital tissues) and help to eliminate ama (the toxins). By this massage, the skin is strengthened, irrigated, fed and the stabilised and protected.

in general, the body and the immune system in particular are reinforced.

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